Lavender essential oil can be used for it's calming properties, not only for the mind but for the skin too. Lavender has long been used for relaxation purposes. But it can also help soothe skin irritations like cuts, scrapes, burns, and other issues. Lavender has also been proven to help fight acne and relieve dry, itchy skin.


These lotion sticks are highly moisturizing and lightly scented. But they don't leave behind any wet or greasy feeling like traditional lotions can. The natural ingredients soak right into your skin, leaving behind only a silky smooth feeling. Convenient for carrying in your pocket or purse.


Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Essentail Oil

Lavender Lotion Stick

  • All the benefits of a natural lotion bar, but poured into a convenient stick for easy use!


    To use, simply pull the top straight off and twist up like a chapstick. Rub onto your hands, your feet, your legs - wherever you would like some moisturizing!


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