Why use chemical shaving creams on your skin when you can use shaving soaps?

These shaving soaps contain a high amount of castor oil and bentonite clay to produce a good lather and slickness to your skin that allows the razor to glide a lot better. You get a closer shave without the nicks.


Bay Rum is a classic spicy woodsy scent popular with men. The fresh essence of bay leaves with the bright orange peel makes it perfect for fans of traditional scents.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Castor Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Lye, Water, Fragrance, Bentonite Clay

Approximate weight: 3.5 oz.

Each bar is handmade and hand-cut. No two bars are exactly the same, adding to the quality and character of each bar of handmade soap.

**To be sure your handmade soap lasts and remains hard, please use a soap dish with good drainage

Bay Rum Shaving Soap

  • Women can use the shaving soap like a bar of soap - simply wet and rub onto your legs and shave as normal.

    Men can use the shaving soap in the same way, or get an old school mug and shaving brush for a unique shaving experience.


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