Bay Rum is a classic spicy woodsy scent popular with men. The fresh essence of bay leaves with the bright orange peel makes it perfect for fans of traditional scents.


You use it just like you would a hair pomade. It is best to use right out of the shower while the hair is softened from the warm water and cleanser. Just rub a little on the fingers and rub it in to the hair and the skin underneath. It helps to moisturize the beard and the skin, as well as helping to tame wild hairs and shape the beard. It is not as thick as a hair gel, it is more like a light hold hair wax.

You can use it alone, or apply after a light application of beard oil.


1 oz metal tin
Ingredients: Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, beeswax, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance

Bay Rum Beard Balm

  • My Beard Oil is good for any facial hair, close shaven goatees to long, full beards.


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