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Soapmaking Classes

Are you interested in learning how to make your own soap?

The internet can make soap making seem like an intimidating task.

But it is really easy and fun. For those that want a hands-on experience, finding the perfect balance between experienced soap maker and affordable class can be tough. Many people want to charge outrageous amounts for teaching others how to make soap. Other soap makers will “teach” students how to make soap without letting them try anything themselves. That’s how my classes are different from most others…

During my 3-hour class, you will actually make your own cold process soap, from start to finish. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know about cold process soap including the history of soap, proper soap making techniques, handmade vs. commercial soap, different kinds of soap you can make in your own kitchen, and developing your own soap recipes. You will leave my class fully prepared to make soap at home for your family and friends, or even begin your own soap making business! Each class covers:

A brief history of cold process soap

 The basic chemistry of soap making

 Safety precautions when working with lye

 Proper measuring and mixing

 Natural additives for your soaps

 Step-by-step demonstration of how to make soap

 Packaging and gift ideas

 Overview of other soap making techniques including hot process and melt & pour

 Question and answer session

My classes are flexible and mobile, which means I will come to your location with all of the supplies during a day and time that best fits your schedule. I do require a minimum of 3 students for your soap making session. The class fee includes almost everything you will need to make a 1lb batch of soap, and you will take home 2lbs of soap. There are a couple of things each student needs to bring:

 Emersion blender (stick blender) or hand mixer with whisk attachment

 Digital scale that weighs ounces (optional, but if you plan to make soap in the future you will need one)

A stainless steel pot for melting and mixing oils

 Whatever precautions you feel necessary for dealing with lye – many people wear long sleeves
 some will also wear protective gloves and/or goggles for eye protection. 
 I don’t use any of it, but it is up to you.

I will have handouts and recipes for each student, and you will be able to take notes if you wish. Because there is a question and answer session that is based on you, please come with any questions you would like answered. If not, we will look at some of the most common questions I get and it may spark some questions from you that I can answer on the spot. At the conclusion of my class, I want each student to walk away confident that they can make a batch of soap on their own. You will have all the information and all the tools you need to successfully make your own handmade soap.

Class fee: $35                                     Minimum class size: 3 students

 Contact me to schedule a class today!

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